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There are many unpleasant incidents that can affect your journey. Such situations are not predictable, but we can influence their outcome by arranging travel insurance package.

Croatia Medical Travel has chosen insurance company Allianz Zagreb d.d. as its partner. Allianz Zagreb d.d. in cooperation with the leading international insurance company ELVIA offers affordable travel insurance packages. 

Travel insurance can be chosen individually, and you can choose from:

- travel health insurance,
- personal accident insurance
- private liability,
- luggage insurance,
- trip cancellation.

Travel insurance can be contracted by individual, families or groups. You will receive the travel insurance offer together with the  travel arrangement offer. Once you have chosen your package the original travel insurance policy - that provides immediate protection and coverage of the insured event and all relevant and necessary information, such as the emergency phone numbers, - will be sent to your email.
Please note that this method of protection mainly covers emergency cases. For the takeover of the expenses of the medical treatment please talk to your health insurance company before making the travel reservation. We will be glad to help You and for any questions we stand at Your disposal.

The travel insurance package is concluded directly between you and the insurance company where travel insurance conditions of the Allianz Zagreb d.d. are applied.

Travel insurance package includes

The following services are covered by health insurance in cooperation with ELVIA:
- costs of the necessary medical treatment
- costs of medicines and medical accessories prescribed by doctors – necessary medical aids and walking tools prescribed by doctors
- clinical treatment by scientifically acknowledged  methods
- cost of transportation by acknowledged emergency services for purpose of reception in a hospital or to the nearest available doctor
- costs of transportation to a specialized clinic  if it is necessary and prescribed by a doctor
- costs of operation
- costs of repatriation of the insured person and other services in keeping with insurance conditions , up to the contracted insurance value
- dental treatment intended to relieve the insured person from acute toothache to the maximum amount of 150,00 EUR

Additional services:
- assistance in overcoming language barriers
- informing the family of the insured person about his/hers health state
- instructions on measures to be taken in case of theft of the documentation, credit cards, tickets
- in case of unforeseen events ELVIA does the following: will send messages to the local Croatian embassy, family or company, change hotel, plane, rent-a-car reservations and reschedule meetings according to your instructions.

Personal accident insurance
covers all unforeseen events the consequences of which caused the occurrence of insured case:
- accident resulting in death
- permanent disability.

Private liability insurance
provides cover for non-contractual civil liability of the Insured, for a loss due to death, bodily injury, deterioration in health, and damage to or destruction of personal belongings of third parties.

Luggage insurance
covers damages or loss of your luggage during traveling, during your stay at the destination and on your return.  The Insurer covers the costs for the new luggage to a maximum of 250,00 EUR, if the luggage that you have delivered to the carriage didn’t arrive at the destination the same day as the insured person due to delay or loss in transit.

Trip cancellation insurance
provides protection if unforeseen circumstances force you to cancel or terminate the contracted trip. Insurer will disburse 90% of the amount kept by the travel agency in case of occurrence of insured case described in insurance conditions.

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