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Although fairly small, Croatia can offer many varieties, from natural & cultural to gastronomical. It really fascinates how different Croatia is, and how different its gastronomical offer is. It differs from region to region, and sometimes from town to town. It can be divided to coastal and continental region, however it can be further divided into several subcategories.

For example, coastal region can be divided to Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia, while continental region can be divided to Slavonia, Zagreb region, mountainous region and Lika. Even now we could continue with dividing these regions into more subcategories, but let’s stick to these main classification.

Slavonian cuisine has a very rich cultural heritage, which is imbued with the habits and ways of preparing the food of the aristocracy as well as the peasants. Here you will eat natural & healthy food. The names alone of some of the dishes are tickling the imagination of the potentional traveler. For example, nettle sauce or goulash prepared in the crock (clay pot)…as much as it may sound strange, it will attract your attention and delight you with their amazing flavors … In Slavonian region it is common in many restaurants, inns, taverns and other facilities that the food is being prepared by the hosts in their own kitchen, using the ovens that they have built themselves, offering to their guests special experience. Lets mention some of the specialties of this cuisine:  Fish stew, kulen, chicken stew, nizinski risotto (lowland risotto), pork roll, Slavonian Lola steak, rolls of turkey breasts, carp prepared in various ways, Slavonian fish stew, Slavonian goulash, catfish prepared in various ways and many more…

Croatian mountainous region and Lika cuisine is distinguished by its simplicity, highly caloric and aromatic dishes with strong taste and smell. As in all other parts, the cuisine of Lika and mountainous region reflects the habits and lifestyle of the local people among forests and pastures and the mountains, where winters are long and cold, and summers are short. These characteristics also determine the cuisine. This region is famous for its strong grappa, domestic cheese, mushrooms and wild herbs.  Let’s mention some of the specialties of this region: roast lamb, venison (boar ham), apple and berry strudel and many other…

Kvarner and Istrian cuisine represents the combination of continental and Mediterranean which certainly makes it very attractive.  The main specialties of this cuisine are seafood and fish. Shrimps, squids and clams are some of the seafood that are worth mentioning.  However, this region can also be proud of excellent prosciutto, cheese and olives. One of the main attractions of the Istrian cuisine is the famous istrian truffle, wild mushroom species, which has a reputation of a very good aphrodisiac. Istrian wines must not be left out: Malvazija from Buja, Poreč Cabernet, Sauvignion and Merlot, Teran from Buzet, Vrbnička žlahtina and many more. Specialties of this cuisine are: fish soup, fish goulash,  boiled prawns (scampi), black and white risotto with seafood, stews like italian minestrone soup and pasta prepared in various ways.  

Dalmatian cuisine is characterized by a light preparation with lots of sea food, fish, vegetables, olive oil etc… It is very healthy, light and is recommended to anyone with weight problems, excess fat, and general health problems. Each gourmet will experience this cuisine as a separate world, as something that you just have to try, and even if this cuisine is not your favorite choice, you will have to admit that it deserves every compliment. Specialties of this cuisine are: grilled, boiled or marinated sea fish,  molluscs, crustaceans and shellfish cooked in a fish stew or prepared in a risotto; then there’s meat dishes where in the first place is worth mentioning ham, but also pork – smoked and dried in the Bora (type of wind) and served with dry goat cheese and olives or capers. Lamb is also very popular especially roasted on an open fire; dried mutton and the Dalmatian goulash with dumplings.

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